Search Committee Survey

Fill out our survey to help the Search Committee

Please take a look below at our Pastor Search Committee's latest update, given by Darcy McAfee after the service on June 12:

"Hello church family. My name is Darcy McAfee and I’m representing our church’s pastor search committee. Last month, Austin Henry explained that we have established phases for each step of the pastor search process. We have continued to meet weekly and we are nearing the end of our first phase, the preparation phase.

As we finish up this part of the process, we are reaching out to you- our church family. We have created a short survey for you to fill out. This survey will help us create a profile of CHBC that tells our next pastor who we are and what our church is doing well. The survey will also include what you love about Chilhowee as well as your values in a pastor.

Before we give you time to fill out this survey, our committee would like to continue to ask you for prayer. First, please pray for our search committee to seek God and not just answers as Phil Young challenged us two weeks ago. Our deepest desire is for Holy Spirit to guide us in finding God’s man for Chilhowee. Next, please pray for our next pastor and his family. Pray that he is sensitive to Holy Spirit’s guiding and calling to his next place of service. Pray that his family is encouraging him to follow God’s call. Last, please pray for unity in our CHBC church body. God continues to move and do great things at Chilhowee- just like you have seen on the stage this morning! Pray that we keep our eyes focused on what God is doing as well as the blessings God has given us during this time.

Our committee would also like to encourage you during this time of transition of our church. It’s understandable to feel uneasy during times of change and transition. However, God has remained faithful to CHBC and we are asking for your continued faithfulness in your church attendance, your serving, and your giving. God is moving and we want you to be involved!

It’s an honor to represent each one of you in this process and we are humbled by your consistent encouragement, support, delicious dinners, and prayers. Thank you for your trust and patience through this season of waiting and thanks also for your input in this part of the process. This survey will ask you 14 questions. You can fill it out any time between now and June 26. This survey is for anyone attending Chilhowee including visitors or members as well as people of all ages. We have paper copies to hand out as well as digital copies that you can access using this QR code on your phone. A survey link will also be sent out in a church wide email later today. If you have a paper copy, there is a box in the back of the church in the foyer as well as a box at the side door as you exit the building where you can place your survey paper. We ask that you take a few moments to fill it out before you leave today. However, if you’d like some time to think and pray over some of the questions, we support that decision! Paper surveys will be placed in Bible Fellowship folders and near the collection boxes over the next two weeks. Please ensure it is finished by June 26. At this time, our CHBC host team and your pastor search committee members will be walking through the aisles with surveys and pens. If you’d like to fill out a paper copy, please raise your hand and someone will bring you a copy."

Pastor Search Committee Survey

Above is the QR code to the online survey that Darcy mentioned, or you can click the button. If you cannot fill out the online survey, there are paper copies available in the wrap around, at Connection Central, on the front pews and in our Bible Fellowship class folders. Please make sure to complete and turn in this survey no later than Sunday, June 26th.

In addition to our CHBC weekly email and regular Pastor Search Committee updates from the stage, there will be a bulletin board set up outside of the Parlor in Connection Central where we will post updates.

Thank you for your response and consistent prayers for our church family! Our search committee is appreciative and open to feedback at any time as we journey together through this season.
-Your Pastor Search Committee